Join the Property Redress Scheme

1. What type of subscription are you applying for?

Option 1 : Enhanced Model

One annual fee for Head Office and each of the Branches, with no individual complaint fees.

  • Cost
  • £ 199 (plus vat) per application (Head Office/Person)

  • Plus
  • £ 199 (plus vat) per extra Branch if applicable

  • No Complaint fees *

    Access to 24/7 legal helpline

Option 2 : Entry Model

Low annual subscription fee plus reasonable complaints fees.

  • Cost
  • £ 105 (plus vat) per application (Head Office/Person)

  • Plus
  • £ 105 (plus vat) per extra Branch if applicable

  • Complaint Fees
  • £ 80 (plus vat) for an Agent who is a member of a body with client money protection insurance.

  • £ 120 (plus vat) for all others.

Tick to enable auto-renewal  

* The Property Redress Scheme 'Enhanced' subscription is subject to a fair usage policy.

This means that the Property Redress Scheme may move the Member from the Enhanced model to the Entry model if in the reasonable opinion of the Property Scheme the number or types of complaints made against the Member, in relation to the size and work they carry out is excessive. This will mean the Member is required to pay the standard rate for any future complaints at the Entry rate for the rest of that subscription period. Renewal terms may not then be offered to the Member on the Enhanced model.

The Property Redress Scheme will only enforce the fair usage policy after:

  • Attempting to discuss the matter with the Member and
  • Sending a formal written notification to the Member, outlining the reasons why the Property Scheme believe that the number of complaints made against the Member is excessive and unsatisfactory action has taken by Member to rectify the issues.

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Property Redress Scheme is approved by Government under the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and Information) Regulations 2015