Who we are

Welcome to the Property Redress Scheme

We are a consumer redress scheme, authorised by the Government since 2014, to provide an impartial service that considers consumer complaints about a variety of property related issues.

All property agents who carry out estate, lettings and property management work, have a legal responsibility to belong to a redress scheme and, if at any point, the consumer feels the service one of our members has provided falls short of what is expected, they may be able to raise a complaint.

We also provide redress for other property professionals which includes landlords, and we offer dedicated tenancy mediation helping to resolve tenancy issues and prevent cases needing to go to court.

Please note the Property Redress Scheme is not a regulator or an enforcement agency.

The Property Redress Scheme is a trading name of HF Resolution Ltd and has three distinct parts to its structure:

  • Executive Board and Operations
  • Office of the Head of Redress
  • Advisory Council

Our aims and values

Our company values: honesty, transparency, integrity, passion and leadership are central to our organisation and guide our actions. We always aim to treat our customers well and respect their needs, be inquisitive while investigating any complaint; always looking to be the best at resolving your property related issues.

Our commitments

We are committed to providing an independent and impartial resolution service. We aim to help everyone understand their position in relation to the problem by sharing our knowledge and working to reach a fair and reasonable outcome for both parties, quickly and efficiently, as an alternative to the option of going to court. We believe in delivering expert customer service and raising standards in our specialist sectors.

What you can expect from us

Our highly trained and helpful team will:

  • Investigate fairly and listen to both sides, once the member has had the opportunity to resolve the complaint directly
  • Explain things clearly and let people know where they stand, initially trying to negotiate an early resolution
  • Give people our decision as quickly as possible, where early resolution was unsuccessful
  • Always meet people’s communication and accessibility needs

The Advisory Council

The role of the advisory council is to act as an advisory body to the Head of Redress and the Property Redress Scheme Board in all matters relating to the running of the scheme. The Advisory Council refers matters of consideration to the Head of Redress and Property Redress Scheme Board. This includes, where appropriate, changes in the law resultant from new, modiļ¬ed or changed legislation, subject to legal challenge or current case law precedent. They must scrutinise and maintain the Head of Redress’ impartiality and if necessary, make recommendations relating to the resourcing of the Head of Redress’ department.

Representatives of the Advisory Council are set out in our annual report each year. 

ADR officials 

The PRS employs 15 ADR officials which consists of our Director, Head of Redress, two ADR managers, one lead case officer, two case officers, five case assessors, one compliance officer and two resolution support. All ADR officials are employed on a permanent basis, following a rigorous interview process to ensure competency and undertake regular, relevant training for their role.

About the company

We are part of the Hamilton Fraser group of companies (HFIS Ltd) who are experts in the property industry, offering a wide range of products. 

Hamilton Fraser started as an insurance broker in 1996 specialising in property and medical indemnity insurance. These two sectors remain at the heart of everything we do.

The Property Redress Scheme is a trading name of HF Resolution Ltd which is a wholly owned subsidiary of HFIS Ltd.


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HF Resolution Ltd also runs the Cosmetic Redress Scheme (CRS). The CRS is a consumer redress scheme set up to provide redress for consumers of all providers in the cosmetic industry and is supported by a number of professional associations in the cosmetic and aesthetic industry.

Cosmetic Redress Scheme


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Authorised by

Property Redress Scheme is approved by Government under the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and Information) Regulations 2015