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The PRS is always looking to promote the good work of its Members in the community. After our London PRS agent workshop held in March, Katie Gray contacted us to ask for a copy of the slides. Our MD, Tim Frome noticed that she worked for a company called Ethical Lettings so he did a bit of investigation into the work being undertaken by our Member. 


In 2012, now Director of Ethical Lettings, Georgina Summerfield recognised that there was a big client base who receive top ups from housing benefit. However, these clients lacked the ability to access the private rented sector by traditional means, because they don’t have references, guarantors, deposit and rent in advance sums.


Private landlords and High Street agents also seemed to be reluctant to let to these clients directly because of the perceived risk. Hence, Ethical Lettings was set up in Godalming, Surrey as a social enterprise, guaranteeing rent monthly in advance to both landlords and agents, helping to minimise any perceived risk. The service is provided regardless of whether or not funds have been received by the tenant or the housing benefit department. The company also helps landlords and agents who want a "lower risk" option in letting to tenants in receipt of housing benefit.


As an Ethical and Social Lettings Agent, extensive tenancy support services are offered to all clients including: regular visits, advice services and budgeting assistance. This ensures properties are looked after and tenancies are sustainable in the long term. The average tenancy length is two years, and after this period, clients tend to move on by themselves because they find their own feet and no longer require the support that Ethical Lettings offer.


The service Ethical Lettings offer is completely free, often making landlords and agents question "the catch". The fact is - there is no catch! They just charge tenants a slightly higher rent than the guaranteed rent they pay. They also receive funding from the Local Authorities they work with in order to provide the service.


The team have over 30 years of experience working with local authority housing teams and their experience and passion is prevalent in their desire to help tenants from all backgrounds improve their quality of life!


We at the PRS are always looking for interesting work undertaken by our Membership which is now close to 5,000. Please contact us if you would like us to help publicise positive work you are undertaking in your area. If you would like to find out more about Ethical Lettings, please go to



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