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Data Protection Information

Hamilton Fraser acts as a Data Controller and as the scheme administrator for PRS in regard to this contract. You can contact us at:

1st Floor, Premiere House, Elstree Way, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire WD61JH

Telephone: 0333 321 9418

We process the Personal Data supplied by you in order to administer the Property Redress Scheme in accordance with our legal obligations under the scheme.

In order to do this we will pass this information to the relevant government and professional bodies if we are required to, tenants and other third parties that have provided any part of the deposit.

Personal data will be stored for a period as required by current legislation from the date of the return of the deposit.

We would draw your attention to your right to request from us access to your personal data as well as your rights to have such data corrected or deleted once it is no longer necessary for the fulfilment of your contract with us or our legal obligations as the scheme administrator. We would also draw your attention to your right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office if you feel that we have not carried out our obligations under the relevant Data Protection legislation.

You can now add a membership for a new service which is more than just a specialist helpline from just £10 per month.

Sign up is quick and easy with the benefit of paying for both by monthly direct debit (not available for just PRS) at the end of the PRS Registration.

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1. What type of subscription are you applying for?

Option 1 : Enhanced Model

One annual fee for Head Office and each of the Branches. No individual complaint fees for sales and lettings complaints subject to a fair usage policy. Property management complaints are charged at £200 plus vat.

  • Cost
  • £ 199 (plus vat) per application (Head Office/Person)

  • Plus
  • £ 199 (plus vat) per extra Branch if applicable

  • No Complaint fees *

Option 2 : Entry Model

Low annual subscription fee plus reasonable complaints fees of £100 plus vat for sales and lettings complaints and £200 plus vat for property management complaints.

  • Cost
  • £ 125 (plus vat) per application (Head Office/Person)

  • Plus
  • £ 125 (plus vat) per extra Branch if applicable

  • Complaint Fees
  • £ 100 (plus vat)

Option 3 : RLM Model

This membership is for property agents that conduct residential leasehold block management as the main aspect of their business (approximately 80% of all activity). The price is set for property agents who manage 5,000 properties or less. For property agents who manage over 5,000 properties - please contact us for a bespoke membership price. Discounts are offered for ARMA members. Complaints - £200 plus vat for property management. £100 plus vat for sales and lettings complaints.

  • Cost
  • £ 200 (plus vat) per application (Head Office/Person)

  • Plus
  • £ 1 (plus vat) per extra Branch if applicable

  • Complaint Fees
  • £ 200 (plus vat) for property management.

  • £ 200 for sales and lettings complaints.

Tick to enable auto-renewal  

* The Property Redress Scheme 'Enhanced' subscription is subject to a fair usage policy.

This means that the Property Redress Scheme may move the Member from the Enhanced model to the Entry model if in the reasonable opinion of the Property Scheme the number or types of complaints made against the Member, in relation to the size and work they carry out is excessive. This will mean the Member is required to pay the standard rate for any future complaints at the Entry rate for the rest of that subscription period. Renewal terms may not then be offered to the Member on the Enhanced model.

The Property Redress Scheme will only enforce the fair usage policy after:

  • Attempting to discuss the matter with the Member and
  • Sending a formal written notification to the Member, outlining the reasons why the Property Scheme believe that the number of complaints made against the Member is excessive and unsatisfactory action has taken by Member to rectify the issues.

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Property Redress Scheme is approved by Government under the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and Information) Regulations 2015